Server Status: Online

Players Online: 1

Client Version: 8.0 (custom)

Server Informations

Exp Stage: Open
Skills: 6x (Faster skilling for knights till 80 skills)
Magic: 4x
Loot: 3x

Red Skull: 5 frags.
Ban: 10 frags.
1 frag expires 8 hours.
Ban lenght: 3 days.
Experience for killing higher level players.
1s exhaust for SSA equip.
Runes are stackable.

Premium Features: Open

More Informations


Fully functional market in game.

Trapera Wikipedia - Market

Shop In Game

For better player's experience we decided to add the Shop In Game directly.

Trapera Wikipedia - Shop In Game

Rune Maker

You can use our Rune Maker to makes runes, train magic level and conjure ammunition.

Trapera Wikipedia - Rune Maker

Farming Items

The principle is simple, you have to kill monsters and collect from them basical and specified items and exchange to best sets in game.

Trapera Wikipedia - Farming Items

Characters Market

You can sell your character on our online Characters Market.

Trapera Wikipedia - Characters Market

Exercise Weapons

You can buy exercise weapons from our in game shop for 300 Trapera Coins or in game via NPC Willard for 300,000gp.

Trapera Wikipedia - Exercise Weapons

Upgrading System

You can obtain Upgrading Crystals from our Items Shop or from Daily Tasks, Daily Bosses, Solo Daily Bosses or quests.

Trapera Wikipedia - Upgrading System

Trapera Coins For Level Advances

Trapera coins for first level advances. It's only for first 10 players for each level.

Trapera Wikipedia - Trapera Coins For Level Advances


The principle is simple, a team of 3-6 players can do the dungeon, it can be repeteable with no limits.

Trapera Wikipedia - Dungeons

Training Monks

Our Training Monks system has got unique rooms for each player. Attacking a training monk regenerate 1 soul and 1 min of stamina every 5 minutes.

Trapera Wikipedia - Training Monks

Daily Tasks

Each day you can make 1 task that will unlock you the possibility to get your daily reward.

Trapera Wikipedia - Daily Tasks

Daily Bosses Spawns

Daily bosses system has been added to have fun day-to-day.

Trapera Wikipedia - Daily Bosses Spawns

Reward Bag

All players that attacked bosses with this system will receive a reward bag which will contain a loot based on their chance.

Trapera Wikipedia - Reward Bag

Solo Daily Bosses

You can fight everyday Solo Bosses in arenas around the map.

Trapera Wikipedia - Solo Daily Bosses

Daily Exp Event

Every day at 21:00 CET the Top Powergamer can access to a boss called Yeti.

Trapera Wikipedia - Daily Exp Event

Auto Loot

Classic auto loot with commands.

Trapera Wikipedia - Auto Loot


Trapera has got some higher tibia items and custom items like Black Demon Set, Slippers, Golden Weapons etc..

Trapera Wikipedia - Items


You will meet 80+ higher tibia and custom monsters on Trapera. They have some special items and abilities

Trapera Wikipedia - Monsters

Quests & Missions

There are 50+ quests and RPG missions all around the map with a lore that is updated with new content on our custom isle called Agardia.

Trapera Wikipedia - Quests & Missions


100+ tasks to animate your adventure on Trapera and reward you with some goodies for all monsters that you beat.

Trapera Wikipedia - Tasks

Rare Loot Effect

We decided to create a system that will show you which corpse has a rare item.

Trapera Wikipedia - Rare Loot Effect

Interactive Map

You can use our interactive map to search all monster spots or NPCs you need. It is in BETA phase so few spots may be not added yet.

Trapera - Interactive Map

Graphical Presentation

Check our Graphical Presentation which resume all what was explained there but with images.

Trapera - Graphical Presentation


You can follow our changelog on Discord to know what we have in plans to do & change.

Trapera Discord - Changelog


Some best screenshots from our latest editions.

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Client: 8.0 (custom)
Online: 1
Save: 6:00 CET
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