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New edition coming soon
by GOD VodkaGuN
GOD VodkaGuN

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New edition coming soon
<b>Dear Traperians,</b>

Three months after the start of this edition, which was the best of all Trapera's editions (in term of players stability, wars, balance and fun) we decide to continue the development of this project.

We have reached our 4 goals on this edition, your feedbacks were very positive and we are proud of what we could made.

But still.. this edition wasn't good enough for us, we have encountered a load of bugs and problems. We have a load of ambitions and this time our priority is to fix all of bugs that you met. Your game experience on Trapera have to be smooth!

Some new content and systems will also be added and if we have some extra free time we will add more then it's actually planned.

This edition will be reseted on <b>24 march</b> and the new one will be launched at <b>04 april</b>.

We invite you to join our <a href="">Discord</a> to be notified about the start and discuss with us about Trapera.

If you want to try Trapera before the server wipe, there is a <b>double exp</b> till the end of this edition.

Presentation news will be posted on days.

Thanks again for your trust and this insane edition.

Trapera Team
18.03.22 11:09:46
Edited by GOD VodkaGuN
on 18.03.22 11:18:55

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