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Free day of PACC & fixes
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> All players will receiv...
GOD VodkaGuN047715.11.20 14:19:38
by GOD VodkaGuN
Bugs fixes & changes
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> We are taking care abou...
GOD VodkaGuN041814.11.20 12:18:22
by GOD VodkaGuN
Night lags, fixes, compensation and PACC lottery
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> Yesterday we reached <b...
GOD VodkaGuN251413.11.20 09:12:28
by GOD VodkaGuN
Partnership with Punio Gaming!
<center> <img src="
GOD VodkaGuN071709.11.20 22:14:37
by GOD VodkaGuN
New season
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> After months of inactivit...
GOD VodkaGuN150909.07.20 12:03:12
by GOD VodkaGuN
Daily event update
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> We have added daily eve...
GOD VodkaGuN037124.04.20 01:28:34
by GOD VodkaGuN
New client download
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> Yesterday, we have upda...
GOD VodkaGuN039516.04.20 14:34:09
by GOD VodkaGuN
Map click bug and others
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> We made a restart at 10...
GOD VodkaGuN036731.03.20 10:38:45
by GOD VodkaGuN
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> We have found the probl...
GOD VodkaGuN037628.03.20 18:53:29
by GOD VodkaGuN
Start day
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> This is it, the start o...
GOD VodkaGuN035027.03.20 17:00:15
by GOD VodkaGuN

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