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New system, changes, the future & House Event
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> <center><b><font face="...
GOD VodkaGuN016931.01.22 06:41:05
by GOD VodkaGuN
Fixes & Adjustments
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> There is a list of chan...
GOD VodkaGuN062828.01.22 22:24:32
by GOD VodkaGuN
New Trapera..
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> With our first edition,...
GOD VodkaGuN016724.01.22 09:34:52
by GOD VodkaGuN
Big Update - Work In Progress
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> You are for sure asking...
GOD VodkaGuN016129.12.21 13:59:15
by GOD VodkaGuN
New edition
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> New season of <b>Traper...
GOD VodkaGuN036830.09.21 17:49:37
by GOD VodkaGuN
Some news
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> We are still working in...
GOD VodkaGuN33225501.03.21 16:19:29
by GOD VodkaGuN
Double exp
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> We are making <b>Double...
GOD VodkaGuN172127.11.20 12:27:39
by GOD VodkaGuN
Recent updates
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> Everyday is a new progr...
GOD VodkaGuN266122.11.20 15:27:39
by GOD VodkaGuN
Double exp weekend
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> The double exp weekend ...
GOD VodkaGuN12112720.11.20 12:34:55
by GOD VodkaGuN
Upcoming Dungeon update and more..
<b>Dear Traperians,</b> <center><img src="https...
GOD VodkaGuN063818.11.20 13:03:48
by GOD VodkaGuN

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