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Client Version: 8.0 (custom)

Trapera starts in:
Cave & PVP bots = ILLEGAL

Trapera - 01/07 at 18:00 CEST

Dear Traperians,

New edition of Trapera is coming soon with double exp rates because of summer.

New functioning of the server:
- From now, there will be 2 separated servers, and
- server will have a fresh wipe every first day of each month.
- Every last day of each month, at 5:00 CEST, there will be 1 hour maintenance on and All accounts & characters will be transfered to Oldera and then Trapera will be preparated for new wipe.
- Every first day of each month, there will be content update. (not this time because we need time in preparation of Oldera server and organisation for future wipes).

So in resume, will be life time server and monthly fresh wipes server.


Trapera starts on 01 July at 18:00 CEST!
All registered accounts & characters before the start will receive 24h of PACC!

Premium Lottery

There is a 15 days PACC Lottery on our Discord.
All you have to do is write your nick in #pacc-lottery chanel.
Lottery ends on 01 July at 17:30 CEST!

Server Informations

Exp Stage: Open
Skills: 3x (Faster skilling for knights till 80 skills)
Magic: 2x
Loot: 3x

Red Skull: 5 frags.
Ban: 10 frags.
1 frag expires 8 hours.
Ban lenght: 3 days.
Experience for killing higher level players.
1s exhaust for SSA equip

Premium Features: Open

More Informations

What's New

- We delete SSA from Djinns Shop
- There is an exhaust of 1 second for SSA equip
- Asuras experience spot has smaller spawn
- Gold Converter deleted
- Upgrade System for items - Trapera Wiki - Upgrading System
Upgrade crystals will be obtainable from shop but also in many ways in the game
- Reworked healing spells formulas
- Added missing items to NPCs
- Fixing UH on Paralyse
- New content on Agardia with new Bosses and missions (More info soon on Wiki)


Trapera has got some higher tibia items and custom items like Black Demon Set, Slippers, Golden Weapons etc..)

Trapera Wikipedia - Items


You will meet 60+ higher tibia and custom monsters on Trapera. They have some special items and abilities

Trapera Wikipedia - Monsters

Quests & Missions

There are 50+ quests and RPG missions all around the map with a lore that is updated with new content on our custom isle called Agardia.

Trapera Wikipedia - Quests & Missions


100+ tasks to animate your adventure on Trapera and reward you with some goodies for all monsters that you beat.

Trapera Wikipedia - Tasks


Some basicals and unique systems are added on Trapera to make your gameplay enjoyable.

Trapera Wikipedia - Systems

Interactive Map

You can use our interactive map to search all monster spots or NPCs you need. It is in BETA phase so few spots may be not added yet.

Trapera - Interactive Map

Graphical Presentation

Check our Graphical Presentation which resume all what was explained there but with images.
Trapera - Graphical Presentation


You can follow our changelog to know what we have in plans to do & change.
Trapera - Changelog


Some best screenshots from our latest editions.

Trapera Team
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New content

Dear Traperians,

We've explained the new content on our Wikipedia.
New quests, called Agardia - Three brothers and the father are available in game.

You can read mode there: - Wikipedia - Three brothers and the father

There is also a little lore update in this quest, in preparation for the future updates about the Agardia story.

Trapera Team
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Double exp & Loot

Dear Traperians,

For this morning problems, we are making double Loot for 24h from tomorrow's server save (07/04 to 08/04) and double XP for 24h (from 09/04 to 10/04)

We have also added 1 day of PACC for all players on Trapera.

We are sorry and we hope you can understand that we are doing our best.

We are still working on few fixes.

From now, you can buy more then 100 units of runes from NPC Harry Potter at once.

Tasks are not counting anymore twice for 1 monster.

Exeta Res will works on low health monsters after 08/04 server save.
It will challenge them for at least 8 seconds.

Trapera Team
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Skills and other stuffs..

Dear Traperians,

The first day is behind us and it was a pretty good day, we didn't had big problems but it was too beautiful to be real.

The biggest problem we met: Knights skilling speed.
Knights are skilling too fast and Elite Knights too slow.
We made tests, but they were not made very well, we apologize for that.

We gonna fix this way:

1. First we reduceed temporary the melee damage of all Knight (it's already live today)

2. We will backup skilling speed before we added our changes.

3. We are creating a skilling stage for knights vocations to let new players skilling smoothly till 80 skill.

4. From 80 skill the speed will be like it was on last edition.

5. After 06 April Global Save all players that skilled too fast will see their skill reduceed to the value of tomorrow's top distance skill
For exemple: if top distance is 85 all knights with 85+ skill will have max 85 skill.

6. We make the damage back like it was.

7. Then we will continue on testing and fixing that on our test server, before modifying it again.

We are also focusing on Task bug, buying more then 100 units from NPC, exeta res on low hp and more..
A news with another update will be available on days.

Sorry for problems, we hope you still enjoy.

Trapera Team
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Trapera starts on 04/04 at 18:00 CEST

Dear Traperians,

We are working on this new edition for a while now, in this post we gonna present you what we've prepared, but before some key statistics from last edition:
- The server reached 482 players online record
- There was wars between 4 guilds, everyday for 2 weeks from the start
- 1364 deaths in Guilds War mode
- Top level was Thomasino, 272 EK

Start informations:
New Trapera edition will be launched on 4 april at 18:00 CEST.
All accounts created before the start will receive 24 hours of PACC.

Graphical Presentation:
For players that discover Trapera: Global Presentation

Last edition was the best of all Trapera's editions but we had still a load of things that made your gameplay uncomfortable.
That's why this time we decided to focus on bugs fixing and some adjustments.

Missing Raids: Done
We have added raids for few missed POI bosses: Mr. Punish, The Handmaiden, The Imperor, The Plasmother and Countess Sorrow

Raids Wiki: Done
There were no informations about all raids on our wiki, now it's done: - Wikipedia - Raids

Health & Mana Bars: Done
There was a bug with health & mana top & circle bars on level advance, it wasn't showing the real amount. We fixed it

Ornamented Ankh: Done
It is now showing the amount of blesses you have if you click Use on it.

Machete: Done
Cutting wild growth took sometimes many tries before success, now it's working after 1 hit of machete or whacking driller of fate.

Knights skilling: Done
This vocation was skilling too slow comapred to all others. We improved a littlebit it's skilling.

Paladin SD: Done
Players were complaining about Paladins damage from SD, it was too high. We reworked the SD formula and now the damage depends a littlebit more from magic level and less from level. We speak about 10%~ adjustment.

Cap unt: Done
We reworked the cap unit in our client to show it entire without commas.

Slime poison field: Done
It was totaly bugged, working well now.

Starting items: Done
Some starting items were droped on the floor because of bad configuration, now it's fixed.

Strong Haste: Done
Utani Gran Hur had bad formula and it was giving less speed that it should, now it's fixed.

Outfits Images: Done
Fixed missing outfit images on website, in highscores and characters profile pages.

Characters Market: Done
We have added Characters Market on our website to let you sell and buy characters safier. Minimum 30 level for sell.

Wikipedia: Done
Added missing informations to our Wikipedia about Feroxa update and new Agardia missions.

Client Acc Name: Done
Now it's hidden for better security for players that are streaming, sharing their screen.

Website Items: Done
Added missing website items images.

Shop Prices: Done
We reworked our Shop Prices to finish allways by 00 or 50 to make it more friendly when buying more than 1 item.

Tasks rewards: Done
Tasks were giving too much experience and gold because of the possibility to repeat them 3 times. We nerfed these rewards, now there is 2x less XP and Gold for each task.

Items Box: Done
We made a big misstake by adding Items Box to the shop on last edition. It never should be in there and it was a littlebit broken and p2w on the start at the last edition. We apologize for that fail. This time Items Box will be obtainable only from bosses.

SSA & bot: Done
At the moment we don't have the techology that will permit us to check PVP bot users to be 100% sure that they are using a bot. We gonna work on it in the future but now to prevent abusing Stone Skin Amulets we made a pull and the community choosen the buy price change from 5000 gold to 15000 gold.

Knights MW: Done
They have a real problem on our server to reach the 8 magic level to shot magic walls, that's why we reduced the requested mlvl to 7.

Items speed: Done
A load of players were reporting that the global speed on our server was too big. We analysed these reports and we found a bad calcul in all our items that are giving speed, they are giving it 2x more then it should. Fixed.

Yellow Skull: Done
When someone get Yellow Skull on the attacker with White Skull and then attacker loose the skull, Yellow Skull was still there if the deffender doesn't lost PZ.
Now if the attacker loose the White Skull, the Yellow Skulls will dissappear no matter what.
There is also 1 minute of PZ for killing Yellow Skull, we work at the fix.

Exeta Res: Done
There was 1 second more exhaust for all actions after using exeta res, we fixed that.
Exeta res was not working on runing monsters on low health, we work on a fix.

Loosing House: Done
Some houses have no town configurated, so when players were loosing their houses, items were dissapearing from the server because they gone to non-existent town. Now if a house have no town items will go by default to Karmia's depot.

Auto loot: Done
Players requested that if many members of a party have autoloot, only leader of the party will take items from bodies with this system, we made that.

Holes: Done
Holes could open with shovel even if there was trash on them, now you have to clean first the hole before being able to open it.

Stamina: Done
It was completly bugged, that's why we didn't use it. Now we fixed it but we are not sure about making it run yet. We want to add a possibility to regen stamina being online. If we have time to add this, the stamina system will be on.

Dungeon Bosses: In Progress
We add a system that clear final bosses if players die in dungeons.

Proxy: Done
We have deleted the "France" proxy from our client because it was offline and many players tried to connect with it without success at the start. We didn't keep this proxy, because it gave 0 changes in ping.

Blesses: Done
Some players were complaining about loosing items on 5 blesses. In our formula if you have 5 blesses you have 0 chances to loose items. We made a load of tests and it is working well but we added logs. Now, if someone loose items with all blesses, we will be able to know what happened and of course refund.

Tutors: In Progress
We want to make tutors recrutation, that's why we add tutors position to our engine.

Fields: In Progress
Sometimes (rare) fields are spamming damage every 0.1 second, we work at the fix.

Magic Wall: In Progress
Shoting Magic Walls on fields that are added by the map editor is not working.

Stack Damage: Done
When shoting runes on stacked player only 1 player is hitted, we work on a fix.

Bank: In Progress
When you have 0 cap and you want to withdraw 15k for exemple, it will give back 5k to bank and 10k will dissapear. We work on a fix.

POI: Done
There is a bug, that is live on many servers, you can skip making rooms to pass directly to rewards. We found this bug with friends on a server, it wasn't abused on our server because not may players know how to do that but we fixed it.

Invisible Monsters: Done
Now you can shot runes to invisible monsters.

Buying Items: To Do
We work on a solution to buy more then 100 units of items via NPCs.

Exeta vis: To Do
Is making infinite enchanted staff, we work at the fix.

Sending money: In Progress
Impossible to send money to offline players, we work at the fix.

Boat: In Progress
When a player write a destination before you and you write Yes, you will swim to that destination. We work at the fix.

CTRL + R: To Do
It's not working for making reports, we work at it.

Whacking Driller of Fate: Done
Unable to use the shovel function for scarabs, we work at it.

Bosses: Done
Adding some bosses raids near our Towns and the Solo Bosses system.
More info about Solo Bosses there: - Wikipedia - Solo Daily Bosses

Slippers Quest: Done
Added more monsters to Slippers Quest because it was too easy and items are very strong.

Hanna: Done
Added orichalcum pealrs to NPC Hanna.

Black SQM: Done
We already fixed a load of bugs with black SQM freezes in our client. There were still some of them because of monsters spells that has no sprite. We fixed them.

Statuses of these tasks will be updated in this news.
We think that we will be able to complete almost all of them before the start, and finish them just after the start if needed.

Some screens from last edition:

Last big war between all guilds on last edition:

Trapera Team
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New edition coming soon

Dear Traperians,

Three months after the start of this edition, which was the best of all Trapera's editions (in term of players stability, wars, balance and fun) we decide to continue the development of this project.

We have reached our 4 goals on this edition, your feedbacks were very positive and we are proud of what we could made.

But still.. this edition wasn't good enough for us, we have encountered a load of bugs and problems. We have a load of ambitions and this time our priority is to fix all of bugs that you met. Your game experience on Trapera have to be smooth!

Some new content and systems will also be added and if we have some extra free time we will add more then it's actually planned.

This edition will be reseted on 24 march and the new one will be launched at 04 april.

We invite you to join our Discord to be notified about the start and discuss with us about Trapera.

If you want to try Trapera before the server wipe, there is a double exp till the end of this edition.

Presentation news will be posted on days.

Thanks again for your trust and this insane edition.

Trapera Team
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